Buying Guides

Customers can make a purchase by viewing products on our website and following these steps:


Step 1: Find the product you want to buy

If Customers visit IJC’s website and do not know which products to buy, they can view each product or view the collection to choose the right product to their preferences.

If Customers already have a product to purchase, they can look for it using IJC’s classified product filter. In addition, Customers can use the website’s search bar to find products they like by name, brand, type, gold material, gemstone, etc.

Step 2: Select your favorite product

After choosing the desired product, Customers can click on the product to view detailed product description such as material, gemstone type, design, price, promotion, etc., and proceed to place an order if they are satisfied.

Select your favorite product to add to the cart or ask IJC to call you back for more detailed advice on product information and related issues.

Step 3: Check out the products in the cart

Check that the information and number of products in the cart are correct with the original selection. If there are any errors, please edit and correct them.

Step 4: Fill in customer information and shipping address

Completely and accurately fill in your shipping and payment information, then choose the most appropriate payment method. Then select “Complete order”.

Step 5: Review shipping information

Check order information at website and order status here. In addition, customers should confirm order information at the registered email.

OPTION 2: CALL HOTLINE 1900 636 774

Step 1: Call Hotline 1900 636 774

After finding the product they need, customers can call IJC’s Hotline 1900 636 774 for the best advice on gemstone details, gold quality, product price, related promotions and keep that product in a certain store as required. 

IJC’s Hotline system supports 24/7 free consultation for customers.

Step 2: Go to the store and pay for the product

After reserving the product, customers only need to go to the appointed store, view the product and directly make payment there.

Or customers can provide correct shipping and payment information to IJC, we will proceed to confirm the order and deliver the product to you as soon as possible.


In order to help customers own their favorite and suitable jewelry, when reserving the product at IJC’s stores, customers should provide accurate size to IJC. We will check and replenish the product according to the size provided by the customer if it is not available.

Customers see the guide to measuring the accurate jewelry size HERE.