I – Address of the unit collecting and managing personal information


Tax code: 0314741591

Phone number: 1900 636 774


Address: 79 Street No. 37, Binh Phu Residential Area, Ward 10, District 6, Ho Chi Minh City

II – Purpose and scope of information collection

To be able to access and use services at website owned by Infinity Jewelry Joint Stock Company (IJC), you will be required to provide your personal information such as: Full name, phone number, gender, email, address, etc. This information is used by IJC’s website to assist you in the purchase and delivery process only.

All the information provided are required to be accurate and legal. IJC shall not bear any legal responsibility for your declared information.

In addition, when you use the service or view content provided on the website, we automatically collect and store certain information in server logs, including:

- Details of how you use the website’s services (search query, email address, phone number, address, etc.).

- Internet protocol address.

- Information about device problems such as errors, system operation, hardware settings, browser type, browser language, requested date and time, referral URL.

-  Cookies that can uniquely identify the browser or customer’s account.

III – Scope of use of information

The information collected through the website will help IJC support you better in purchase and delivery process. We are also willing to give advices and answer your questions when there are requests related to products and services provided by IJC.

Where required, we may use your information to contact you, e.g., sending gratitude gifts, vouchers, letters of congratulation, parcels, etc.

If there is any problem in order processing, IJC will rely on the information provided to contact and resolve with you.

In case of legal requirements, IJC is required to provide your personal information upon request from competent authorities, including: Procuracy, courts, investigation agencies regarding your certain violations of the law. 

Your information is guaranteed to be kept confidential by IJC. We do not use your personal information for any purpose other than for confirmation and contact related to transactions or services with Infinity Jewelry Company.

IV – Duration of information retention

Your personal information will be stored by IJC until there is a cancellation request.

V – Privacy commitment of information

Your personal information on the website is committed to be absolutely confidential under the personal information protection policy published by IJC. The collection and use of your information is executed only with your consent, unless otherwise provided by law.

IJC undertakes not to provide your personal information to any third party, not to purchase or resell your information to any other subject.

In order for the delivery to take place smoothly, IJC recommends that you provide complete and accurate personal information according to the given form. IJC is not responsible for and does not deal with any claims regarding your interests, if it deems that your provided personal information during the initial contact is incorrect.

We will use a variety of information security technologies to protect this information from unintended retrieval, use or disclosure. In the event that the host is attacked by a hacker that leads to the loss of customer personal data, we will report the incident to the competent authorities for timely investigation and handling, and notify you.

Except for the cases mentioned in the terms of use regarding personal information as specified in the privacy policy published at website, your personal information will not be disclosed.

Any of your comments, contacts and feedbacks about this “Privacy Policy” is always welcomed and appreciated. If you have any related questions, please contact us at: or call the hotline 1900 636 774.