Infinity Jewelry Joint Stock Company (IJC) is one of the new names in Vietnam’s jewelry industry, however, it leaves a deep impression in the hearts of customers by its product quality, exclusive designs and the sophistication in every detail.


The development orientation of IJC is to become a leading manufacturer of natural gemstone jewelry in Vietnam and export its products to international markets such as Europe and America.


IJC has a mission to bring creativity and sophistication in every design so that each product created is a special and different value, creating a distinctive pride for users.

To fulfill its mission, IJC is actualizing aesthetic values ​into life, making Vietnamese beauty radiant, adding value to users, honoring the jewelry industry in Vietnam and bringing it to the world stage.


Dedication – Quality – Balance – Collective – Responsibility

Định hướng phát triển của doanh nghiệp IJC

Prioritizing the benefits of the customers

“Customer satisfaction is our success.” This is the first goal that IJC is aiming for in its development orientation.

We look forward to a long-term companionship with customers through enhancing product quality, continuously improving services, researching to offer the best sales and return & exchange policies in order to bring the highest satisfaction to customers after they give us their trust and chose IJC.

Our developing goal is not only to be a manufacturer of high-end jewelry, but also to be a companion in the fields of health care, beauty and asset investment of all customers.

Balancing the benefits of customers, shareholders, partners and employees

IJC develops strongly thanks to its ability to balance the benefits of shareholders, customers, partners and employees.

We acknowledge that our corporation is not only built by our founding shareholders, but also by the significant contributions of our customers, partners and the unremitting efforts of all employees during the operation. Therefore, in its important development orientations, IJC always balances at the best level for the benefits of all parties, towards a sustainable development journey for both the present and the future.

Promoting collective spirit

IJC develops based on respect for each individual and belief in the collective.

In its development orientation, IJC aims to create a professional working environment, upholding humanity and ethics, in which the talents and efforts of each member are always rewarded appropriately. We always create and share development opportunities equally, as well as prove ourselves to all members.

Responsibility to the community and society

Deeply aware of the importance of an enterprise’s responsibility for the common development of society and the community, IJC always make every effort to develop the company, create values that deserve the trust of customers and support charity programs, research and invention for the common benefit of the society and community.