27/06/2022, 13:59 PM

“Vina Woman” is IJC’s key source of inspiration for design ideation and the creation of three honorable crowns: 

- “Infinity by IJC” crown - crowned to New Miss 

- “Sunshine by IJC” tiara - crowned to 1st Runner Up

- “Hera by IJC” tiara - crowned to 2nd Runner Up

New Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 - Nguyen Thi Ngoc Chau

All three crowns address the message and the faith to accompany the new Miss Universe and Runners-Up Universe Vietnam 2022 in inheriting traditional virtues, also going side to side with new changes to be suitable with the image and the beauty of Vietnam women in the new era. 

1st Runner Up of Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 - Le Thao Nhi

These marvel crowns feature natural gemstones as the key theme, symbolizing women as gemstones; minor in shape but carrying extraordinary strength, only when the gemstones go through a sophisticated sharpening process to become precious jewelry pieces. Women go through a similar journey. Through challenges and difficulties to become powerful, confident, and shine brightly.

2nd Runner Up of Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 - Huynh Pham Thuy Tien

All three Misses were gracefully charming with the marvel crown and two tiaras crafted by IJC Jewelry. Together we shall open a journey of permeating beauty, and compassion, and are ready to conquer new milestones in the future.