Charm Group has more than ten years of experience in multiple fields, most notably in the field of real estate. At Charm Group, we pursue the ambition of creating art projects surpassing aesthetic values in the field of real estate, giving residents the true value of life, creating new patterns of living standards for the Vietnamese community and more. It can be seen that projects developed by the group such as Charm Di An, Charm Ho Tram, Charm Long Hai, Charm Vung Tau, etc., and Charm real estate lines, are in the process of development. During the process of brand formation and development, Charm Group constantly strives to integrate into Vietnam’s economic flow with a proactive spirit, making every effort to affirm its position with enthusiasm in business areas in which the corporation has invested.

Initiated from one of the long-cherished intentions of Charm Group’s founder, Infinity Jewelry Company was born, based on the solid foundation of the corporation, with the following mission: “Continuing the journey of creating masterpieces that Charm Group has achieved”. Infinity Jewelry Company is actualizing aesthetic values ​into life, making Vietnamese beauty radiant and introducing Vietnamese jeweler’s craftsmanship to the world.

Story of Infinity

Infinity originates from actual experiences of the corporation’s founder. More than 10 years of pursuing his passion, learning, participating and witnessing the process of manufacturing and trading gemstones, the business trips to foreign lands around the world, the moments of contemplating and touching the enchanting beauty of gemstones and the indescribable passion of owning a delicately crafted piece of jewelry, etc., have nurtured in him the desire to establish a Vietnamese brand to bring consumers the opportunity to own high-end, valuable jewelry embedded with the quintessence of nature. Infinity is where each gem transforms into a brilliant piece of jewelry that is flexibly designed according to the user’s needs and natural beauty.

The launch of Infinity is also a precious testament to the craftsmanship of Vietnamese artisans as well as the proud tradition of jewelry industry of the Vietnamese nation. Through many ups and downs, the traditional jewelry industry has now made a significant progress. Traditional craftsmanship and techniques that are passed from generation to generation, along with the creativity and ability to perceive the exquisite beauty of Infinity’s jewelers are the factors that make Vietnamese jewelry products so special.

We believe that the value of each piece of jewelry is not just mere material, but also lies in the power to honor the most beautiful and precious moments of the wearer. The value that Infinity brings to you and your loved ones is the eternal spiritual value, the time-tested beauty of each gemstone, the flexible lines of the elaborately crafted background material, and above all, the happiness of customers when owning products made from Infinity’s enthusiasm and passion.

The company was born with the mission of honoring the value of natural gemstones, contributing to the diversity of Vietnamese jewelry industry in Vietnam and all over the world.

Product lines

With the motto of serving the market with prestige and quality, worthy of being one of the Vietnamese brands with international quality, Infinity’s products are distributed in a variety of categories, divided into 2 specialized product lines:

-   Infinity property jewelry using gemstones including: Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Aquamarine, etc., as the highlight, designed and crafted directly by the Infinity’s team;

-   Charm Jewelry designed jewelry: using completely natural colored gemstones with a perfect blend in youthful and fashionable design, bringing the special and sophisticated feature to the owner;

At IJC, we thrive strongly on the foundation of: creativity, responsibility and dedication.