21/06/2022, 09:03 AM

At the press conference announcing the official crown for New Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 on June 20th, 2022, IJC officially unveiled the crown for Miss Universe and tiaras for two Runners-Up. They are masterpieces that mark a significant turning point in the Vietnamese jewelry industry, elevating traditional jewelry craftsmanship to artistic jewelry. 

The honorable crown is named "Infinity by IJC" which glorifies the power of knowledge, dignity, bravery, and daring to face the challenges of a contemporary Vietnamese woman.  

The crown was designed to illustrate the shape of crystal blocks elegantly linked together, rising powerfully like contemporary women; beautiful, strong, and knowledgeable. It represents all the accomplishments gained in their life.

Three golden sapphires are placed in the center as a symbol of social prosperity. It demonstrates women’s power and determination to rise. Thousands of diamonds in various sizes are decorated on the crown’s frame, embellishing the sapphire crystals as a way to convey the message that society always honors and creates opportunities for women’s education, creativity, and contribution to the nation’s growth and development. This is "VinaWoman" - the essence of what Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 aims forward. 

Highlighted with three golden sapphires in the center, the "Infinity by IJC" crown features high-class white gold with 279 sapphires and 2,137 diamonds tenderly covering the crown’s frame. Interestingly, 279 and 2,137 are known to be numbers of wealth and luck, representing unlimited positive energy and optimism that aim at a brighter future. 

With over 2000 hours of dedicated hard work and more than 20 artisans, the talented jewelry team from IJC passionately underwent processes from conceptualizing, designing, selecting materials and gemstones, encrusting, polishing, and perfecting the crown exquisitely and precisely with the utmost care. In particular, each gem is measured carefully according to the golden ratio standard to impress the opposite viewer’s perspective. This displayed IJC's dedication to sculpting a crown in a detailed-oriented, sophisticated, and professional manner. 

It can be said that "Infinity by IJC" is the crown with the highest value in beauty contests. Not only the crown contains tangible values but also contains infinite spiritual values. "Infinity by IJC" is a tribute to the winner's most beautiful, cherished, and proudest moment. 

Besides the most valuable crown for New Miss - "Infinity by IJC" and other jewelry prepared exclusively for Miss Universe Vietnam 2022, the IJC Jewelry also unveiled two tiaras for the two new Runners-Up.

The Tiara for the 1st Runner-Up is named "Sunshine by IJC", honoring the beauty of the soul, intellectual, and talents of Vietnamese women. The Tiara for the 2nd Runner-Up is named "Hera by IJC," symbolizing women’s upright qualities, great virtues,  bravery, and confidence in all circumstances.

Two tiaras were created to represent the shape of crystal blocks that were tastefully connected together and rose imposingly like contemporary women; attractive, powerful, and intelligent. It stands for all of their life's achievements. 

Tiara for 1st Runner-Up was conceptualized and designed by IJC experts for more than 480 hours. “Sunshine by IJC” features 3 Citrine Ovals linked with 51 Citrine Plates and 1,130 white gemstones of different sizes, taking up more than 1000 hours for finishing touches. 

Tiara for 2nd Runner-Up features 3 Citrine Ovals linked with 28 Citrine Plates, 539 white gemstones of different sizes elegantly cover the crown’s frame. 

Two beautiful tiaras - “Sunshine by IJC” and “Hera by IJC” - are both IJC’s pieces with wholehearted dedication. From the process of creating ideas to sketching designs to crafting, and fine-tuning every detail in the most sophisticated and meticulous way. IJC understands two honorable tiaras are representative of the efforts, struggles, and successful people that the two Runners-Up have achieved during the process of conquering the Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 contest.

IJC hopes that these crowns will bring good luck, motivation, confidence, and accompanying the beauties to shine the brightest light and have a significant impact on the upcoming journey.